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AT Services

One-on-One Technology Evaluation and Training

Highly skilled staff is available to provide specialized evaluation for assistive technology and ergonomics. Typically, these services are funded by the California Department of Rehabilitation, Regional Center, commercial or private insurance, special grant awards, employers, or Special Access grant funds for qualified applicants when all other funding sources have been exhausted.

Community Outreach

Presentations, education and seminars to introduce the community to the marvels of assistive technology and ergonomic safety.

The CCATC evaluates, trains and follows-up a wide range of individuals (all ages, all disabilities) with assistive technology needs. Examples are:

Computer Access – individuals who need better access to their computer because their current method is slowed by disability or injury. Included in computer access is ergonomic design and how the individual’s physical disability, illness or injury requires an alternative work station.

Home/School/Worksite Access – Any individual who has a physical disability, illness or injury often times needs their environment modified to accommodate their reduced mobility.