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Lending Library

Connecting Californians to Assistive Technology

A FREE service by CCATC funded by Ability Tools that connects
Californians to the assistive technology (AT) devices they need to live
independently. By contacting CCATC or visiting the Device Loan &
Demonstration Center (DLDC) Website NATADS at you will find new and used low
and high-tech devices for people with disabilities that include laptops,
tablets, switches, mounts, magnifiers, mobility devices, hardware,
software and more.

How It Works

In California there are Device Loan & Demonstration Center and Reuse
Centers that loan out or distribute assistive technology (AT) devices
for free or at a low cost. Search the NATADS website and see what is available. Find
the devices that work best for you.

Can’t find what you need? Contact the Ability Tools toll-free at
800-390-2699 and speak with an Information & Referral Specialist who can
assist you with finding the solutions for your functional needs.