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Lending Library

Connecting Californians to Assistive Technology

A FREE service by CCATC funded by Ability Tools that connects Californians to the assistive technology (AT) devices they need to live independently. By contacting CCATC or visiting the Device Loan and Demonstration Center (DLDC) Website NATADS where you will find new and used low and high-tech devices for people with disabilities that include laptops, tablets, switches, mounts, magnifiers, mobility devices, hardware,
software and more.

How It Works

In California there are Device Loan and Demonstration Center and Reuse
that loan out or distribute assistive technology (AT) devices
for free or at a low cost. Search the NATADS website to see what is available and find the devices that work best for you.

Can’t find what you need? Contact the Ability Tools toll-free at
800-390-2699 and speak with an Information & Referral Specialist who can
assist you with finding the solutions for your functional needs.